Hollókő is a village that is part of the world's cultural heritage. This title was given to the village by the UNESCO in 1987. The tiny village in Nógrád county is well known for its folk-architecture, traditional costume and dialect. Its magnificent natural surroundings and 65 listed houses illustrate Hollókő's unity and beauty. The Village Museum and Sewing House with original painted furniture and household appliances shows the living conditions of the 1920's. The traditional costume of the village is a dress with many skirts - on big occasions, all the population dresses up in these home-sewn and embroidered costumes. A beautiful feast in the Roman Catholic village is Easter. The sight of the many candles in the windows of houses, the egg-painting and the custom of boys watering girls attract numerous visitors. In the old-village the permanent exhibition of the photographer Irén Ács entitled "Hollókő from Easter to Christmas" is also an interesting attraction.